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Who said that wedding list are limited to either cash or gifts, with Globini Travel you can Plan your Dream Honey moon and travel  for a whole year or even more. 

You and your loved one can share the Sunny beaches, the private island retreat , the special hike, that renewal of you vowes from 30,000ft, the I love you gesture as you drop down from the plane in your parachute, the lullaby songs by the winds, No matter what it is you like it is time you are allowed to Spice things up in your wedding list. 

Friends and family will naturally want to give you a gift to mark the occasion. Having a Globini travel Wedding List means you'll receive exactly what you like and there won't be any duplication (unless you really want to go again). 

Globini Wedding list Options:
  • A wide range of Travel Packages to fit all your expectations 
  • Several ways your guests can send the money 
  • You can use the wedding list from where ever you are in the world. 
  • We can keep track of your deposits, who gave you what
  • Your wedding list could be as big as you want your Honey moon to be. 
  • Your Honey moon wedding list will be valid as long as there is money in your WL account. 
  • Free Travel consulting and advice
  • No Expiry Dates 
  • We can also order other stuff for you at market price or if special promotions available 

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