Challenges by Middle East Business Aviation Operators

The aviation sector is in a turbulent field globally. The dynamic aviation growth in the Middle East for the aviation industry is significant over the last decade or so. Their supremacy and edge over the competitors on a universal level are proved dominant. Take the case of the state-run Lufthansa Air. The labour unrest faced […]

4 Reasons to fly Private in the Middle East

So you’re a jet setter who regularly travels expansive distances. You think to yourself, “How can I make this faster, easier, and more convenient?” It’s time to say goodbye to commercial aviation and start flying in a private jet. Here are the top 4 reasons why: 1. It’s faster and more time efficient – With […]

5 Common misconceptions about Private Aviation

Only the very rich can afford itThis is the most common misconception so we must tackle it first. There are many different types and sizes of private jets, each with its own capacity and operating cost. Starting from a helicopter that can carry up to 5 passengers, going through small cabin jets, like the Citation […]

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