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It can be a bit confusing for flyers to differentiate between all of the different options when it comes to private jet charters. To help flyers decide their private business aircraft for their next business trip, we’ve researched the biggest private companies in the market and what they have to offer and wrote it down in one list.

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NetJets is a private jet charter service Founded in 1964. NetJets is proud to be the largest and the oldest private jet charter across the globe. NetJets has over 700 airplanes in its fleet, and offers fractional ownership.

The company also has jet card and lease programs that provide travelers with more options to fly private.

The NetJets Jet Card gives flyers 25-hour blocks and a promise of instant access to an aircraft. However, when purchasing a NetJets Shares Program invite, travelers get to buy a share in a specific aircraft, and the size of their share equates to their allotted hours.


VistaJet offers two different membership options: Direct and Program. The Direct membership allows flyers to book their flights directly through the VistaJet mobile app with preferential access to the empty leg flights. However, Program is a tailored membership with flights charged at a certain fixed hourly rate. Program membership guarantees access to a private business jet anytime and anywhere.

If a customer plans to fly more regularly, the European operator also has a lease program option that is dedicated for both personal and corporate use.

The VistaJet Dynamic Jet Lease offers an incredibly flexible term length, with a minimum lease of one month. The lease includes a flying time up to 50 hours with a top-up feature available if required by the customer.

Wheels Up

Despite being relatively new after it’s been founded only in 2013, Wheels Up has already grown and became one of the biggest names in the market of private jet charters. After their 2019 announcement, Wheels Up and Delta Private Jets have combined in partnership and united to give the best for their customers and increase the benefits and perks for both companies.

Wheels Up primarily operates in the US, it has three membership options available: Connect, Core and Business. The options range from basic entry-level to fully-comprehensive.

Wheels Up has always ensured that what they offer includes membership programs that suit every type of flyer, whether it’s for personal or corporate purposes.


Globini Aviation is perfect for any business trip with highest convenience. With Globini’s wide variety of jets options to choose from, Light Jets are perfect for luxurious business trips that will get the best performance out of those who climb onboard.

Light jets are by far one the most common types of private jets chartered for business flights. Usually, clients chartering light jets spend an average travel time of 2-3 hours. This males the light jet charters the most reasonable short-haul private aircraft.


Jet Linx is proud to be offering one of the most personalized business jet services available in the world right now. JetLinx has planted its private terminals in 19 US cities, and is also one of the most convenient.

Even though Jet Linx primarily offers jet card packages, the company has a lot more to offer. Jet Linx also provides services like aircraft management and acquisition services.

Jet Linx’s main focus is on local services is to ensure that their jet card memberships are uniquely tailored to each customer. Members should expect to be on first name basis with the pilots, crew and concierge team on a unique trip.

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