How to Choose the Right Aircraft for your Private Charter

Choosing the right aircraft charter for your private jet rental is a strenuous job. We want to help you make the best choice that caters to your needs.

The beauty of on-demand private jet travel is in the ability to select just the right private jet rental for what you desire to attain. Lighter jets, for instance, can get into smaller airports and are a wonderful way to get from point A to point B. Heavier jets, on the other hand, work as terrific client entertainment platforms. You have to think of what options you require, all the small details: what kind of aircraft charter, how many people will you be traveling with, what kind of travel is this, whether for business or leisure, how long the flight will take, would you rather sleep or simply be seated, do you need extra luggage space or not, etc.
So what is the appropriate private charter rental for you?

On-demand private jet charter is broken down into 5 categories, rather 5 types of aircraft charters. Each of these private jets encloses 3 to 4 aircraft charter options. Therefore, choosing the right private jet charter could become complicated, and that is why we are here, to make your life easier.

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Super Light Private Jets

Super Light Jets have less than 4 seats yet in spite of that, they are still commodious. This aircraft charter is designed for a single pilot flying. It has a superb fuel economy, but limited headroom, and a very limited baggage area. This private jet is slower than all other private jet charters.

Light Private Jets

Light Private Jet rental work for you if you’re traveling with less than 5 people, and your flight covers short-winded travel, no more than traveling from UAE to Lebanon. This private jet charter is created to get you from point A to point B, with a transport time of about 2.5 hours. Hence, you will be landing at the nearest airport for your business meeting (or any other endeavor) and head back home the same day. Nevertheless, this aircraft charter will not have amenities such as the internet, and their lavatories may be limited. You can think of this option as “I need to get there for my meeting.”

Mid-Size Private Jets

Mid-Size private jet rental is suitable if you are bringing a team of 5 to 8 persons. This private jet charter is also excellent if you like to work on your way to a client, with relaxing seats and a steady table, you will do so comfortably. In most cases, these aircraft charters are equipped with an entertainment system for you to enjoy while being in air for 3+ hours and also, Wi-Fi. You should consider this private jet rental as an option for family travel, skiing trips, and a platform where you can get things done in the air. Enjoy a meal on board in a Mid-Size private jet; the private jet charter can cover half of the Middle East. This private jet charter is conceived to stay in the air for up to 5 hours.

Super Mid Private Jets

If you are looking for a luxurious private jet charter, then this is the utmost for private jet rental. It can hold up to 9 passengers, and a roomy cabin cubicle. This aircraft charter has the speed and the efficiency you’d expect from a large private jet. It is luxurious, has a flight attendant, luggage space, and all passenger seats come with fold-out tables. It is a win-win private jet rental.

Large Private Jets

The perfect private jet rental, if you’re intending to cross country, coast to coast. It puts you in an aircraft charter for 5+ hours, thus you may want to opt for the large private jet. This private jet charter provides a galley for meal preparation, a wider and taller cabin, seats that convert to beds, with a seating capacity of up to 14 passengers, an entertainment platform, Wi-Fi, personal spaces, full-sized beds, and personal flight attendant for the trip.  This aircraft charter is the ultimate machine of the private jet fleet. Your flight across the continent will be beyond first class.

Ultra-Long-Range Private Jets

This aircraft charter is adept at flying anywhere in the world. Private jet rental of such an aircraft charter is a whole new enhanced experience of extravagance luxury. This private jet is designed to cover long distances. It can hold 17 up to 20 passengers easily. Its cabin size is massive, and baggage space can hold up to 100 suitcases, which is incredible for a private jet charter. Additionally, it has a lavatory, a bar, big couches, and a top-notch catering service. Ultra-long-range private jets are the elite aircraft charter that flatters passengers with a fascinating experience. Private jet rental for this type of aircraft charter is the most luxurious private jet amongst all of the above.

Helping you find the right aircraft for your Private Charter

Private jet charter is the sole way to completely travel on your own terms. Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Keen to evade airport queues and endless check-ins? Private jet rental is the resolution. Aircraft charter is the only form of air travel that enables you to meet every business and leisure travel contingency. Private jet rental is easier than you think.

An unprepared business meeting three time zones away. A lover’s capricious getaway. Your favorite band, in concert, abroad, one single night. Such circumstances call for a more exclusive and efficient option than flying commercial. We can help you accommodate even with your tightest schedule.
The neverending pandemic has changed the way people travel and interact with one another. Traveling via private jet offers an abundance of health and safety advantages, enabling our passengers to travel to their destination, with peace of mind. 

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