Private Jet Ambulance

There are a myriad of reasons why flights are conducted around the world, and some of them can be health-related issues: Serious illness or diseases during a stay abroad, or even car accidents.

Most people perceive private jet charter as a luxury travel option to far-off places and remote destinations, which is partially true. However, there is another extremely important form of private jet charter that can operate on a daily basis: private jet ambulance, or medevac. As you may well know, a private jet air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft used to transport sick or injured people to hospitals. Air medical transport includes either fixed-wing (airplanes) and/or rotor-wing (helicopters) aircraft.

A private jet ambulance is needed when a patient cannot be moved by car, a ground ambulance, or a commercial aircraft. Understandably, medical charter flights can be a daunting task from when it comes to logistics. However, air medical services can be an extremely valuable component of the healthcare system in general. Access to critical care and specialty services can dramatically improve via the availability of medical charter flights.

With that being said, the benefits of a private jet ambulance are abundant, as they are a fast, reliable and safe way to transport medical patients. And even compared to other forms of transportation, private jet medical transport holds significant competitive advantage.

A Private Jet Ambulance Saves A Tremendous Amount of Time

This is the most significant benefit of using a private jet ambulance. During emergencies, time is the most valuable commodity. Private jet medical transport will save a patient’s life.

Long distance traveling by road can be extremely difficult for any patient. If the latter is in a severe condition and requires emergency medical attention, then the best solution is undoubtedly a private jet ambulance. There are hardly any alternatives to it. 

Private Jet Ambulance Provides Vital, Top-of-the-Line Medical Services

Chartering a private jet ambulance is actually a prudent decision from a medical standpoint. Private jet medical transport comes equipped with all the provisions that are needed to provide an instant and interim medical care to a patient. Traditional ambulances can only carry so much medical equipment and supplies. They are also extremely limited when it comes to the family being present around the patient.

A private jet ambulance, on the other hand, would have a highly-trained medical personnel at the patient’s disposal, alongside his family present at his side. A cabin of the private jet ambulance would typically contain pressure, humidity and ambience control. Additionally, a private jet ambulance contains all the state-of-the-art medical provisions that are needed to preserve the patient’s life en route to the hospital.

When medical charter flights come with such an advanced level of medical emergency care and a treatment facility in and of itself, there is a strong possibility that a life can not only be saved, but further deterioration of the patient’s health can also be prevented. 

Private Jet Ambulance Offers All the Necessary Comfort Required

On-road journeys and transport through conventional ground ambulances are not very rough, but they can be long and less convenient.

A private jet ambulance is a completely hassle-free experience. The quality of transport is superb and the patient would not even feel the slightest discomfort whatsoever, whether it is during the transits to and from the aircraft, or onboard.

The health issues and symptoms obviously vary between one patient and another. But many of them simply cannot deal with the discomfort that stems from other forms of transportation. Thus, their condition may worsen in the transit, especially in long distance journeys.

Stories of medical emergencies becoming fatal for patients during transport is not just hearsay. They actually happened. They can be due to delays en route, the patient’s own discomfort, or lack of sufficient medical provisions.

With a private jet ambulance, those tragic scenarios are easily avoidable.

Private Jet Ambulance Aids a Lot in Organ Transportation

Private jet medical transport can be extremely vital in organ transportation, especially organs urgently needed in lifesaving transplant surgeries.

There is often a high risk of organs being either damaged or degraded during transport. A private jet ambulance will completely eliminate that risk.

Private Jet Ambulance Can Be Valuable In Situations of Multiple Casualties

Rare occurrences, such as a shooting incident, an explosion, or scenarios of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, would overwhelm the capacity of ambulances and ground emergency medical services to manage patients and provide adequate care for all cases.

A large number of patients can be airlifted at the same time via a private jet ambulance. Most of the patients that are suffering from either a severe trauma or a life-threatening injury, die within the first hour. This period is referred to as the Golden Hour.

Private jet ambulances can transport these patients to an advanced healthcare facility within this golden hour, thus potentially saving many lives.

If you are reading the information above, as a patient, a patient’s family member, or a patient’s friend, do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Globini is here to assist you.

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We understand the importance of finding the right private jet ambulance or medical charter flights, and we work to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.

If you have any additional questions or need to book a private jet ambulance, please do not hesitate to give out a call.