Private jet rental pricing is based on a different number of factors. There are many variables that must be taken into consideration when it comes to calculating jet rental costs. An aircraft’s hourly rate is the most significant and is used to calculate the base price of all trips, regardless of the size of the jet.  

With that being said, varied aircraft categories and various options come with various price points. Private jet rental pricing is based not only on how much an aircraft costs to own, operate and maintain, but on the amenities and the overall value they deliver to the customer.

Factors that impact private jet rental pricing

The most important variable that is taken into consideration for private plane rental costs is the categories of the various jets themselves. 

Keep in mind that these numbers are approximates and we are painting you the broad strokes. When it comes to showing fine prints, prices vary even within the same category. 

Two jets that belong to the same category of aircrafts does not automatically mean that jet rental costs will be the same for both of them. For example, a Beechjet 400A can fit 9 passengers, has a maximum cruising speed of 458 knots (848 kmh) and possess a maximum range of 1519 nautical miles (2813 kilometers), can incur hourly costs worth approximately $2,600 per hour. 

A Cessna Citation CJ4, on the other hand, also a light jet, can have a maximum number of 10 passengers, has a maximum range of 2,165 nautical miles (4,010 kilometers), and a maximum cruising speed of approximately 520 mph. All things considered, the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet rental costs can amount to $2500 per hour.

Number of Seats

This variable generally depends upon the type of aircraft (link to aircraft) that you opt to fly in. Generally speaking, Light jets can generally fit 6 to 7 passengers. Super-light jets 7 to 8, Midsize Jets 8 to 9, Super-Midsize Jets up to 10 passengers, both Large and Ultra-Long-Range jets up to 16 passengers. 

While the number of passengers is a factor in and of itself, it does not determine overall hourly rates on its own.

Hard Quotes vs. Estimates

Most of the prices that you will see on other websites will not be the final actual quotations. Most jet rental costs that are seen are approximate pricings, with a hard quote that is followed-up via a request form. As a client, until you get the hard quotes, it is difficult to tell what is it that you are comparing.

Departure and Arrival Airports

Simply saying that you want to depart from, let’s say, Toronto to Vancouver could mean different pricing than being airport specific. Flight operators may have to price repositioning flights. 

For example, if you want to effectively depart from Toronto, but the aircraft that you have requested is based in Thunder Bay, it could result in a higher quote.  

Medical Factors

In the event of a health emergency occurring on-flight, some aircrafts can include in-flight medical support. Additionally, some jets can even include a defibrillator and the crew that will cater to your needs can even possess medical training, which will add up to the private jet rental pricing.

Should you or any of the accompanying passengers have a medical condition, it would be preferable to have medical equipment available.

Round Trip Pricing

This variable takes into account the geographical locations. If the trip can be done by an aircraft based near you and with the same airplane and crew flying you out and back using the same route, you can get round trip pricing. 

This typically means returning either the same day or the next day. Round Trip pricing can cut back private plane rental costs by 50%