Private jet rental is considered as one of the ultimate symbols of affluence, high-living, and luxury. By renting private jets, wealthy individuals and multinational corporations around the world enjoy an unparalleled level of freedom.

With that being said, you will be surprised just how many benefits private jet rental is actually able to offer. There are a myriad of reasons why private jet charter is actually seen as a feasible option that will not only provide you with very enticing amenities, but why it makes sense to opt for private jet rental in general.

Experience the “High Life”

Let us start with the obvious reason. Private jet rental, and/or corporate jet rental is a far more luxurious proposition than commercial airlines’ first-class suites.  From spacious cabin spaces, plush leather master bedrooms, to luxury bathrooms, private jet rental offers you the finest air travel experience.

You, the passenger, have the entire cabin to yourself. You can freely bring along your pet, all the travel necessities that you see fit, and maximize the luggage capacity as much as humanly possible.

To top it all off, a premium selection of gourmet catering, alongside the latest in-flight entertainment system, and a personalized service provided by the crew, will be at your disposal. All of your in-flight needs are taken care of.

The Availability of Empty Leg Flights

Commercial air flights simply do not offer empty leg flights. With empty legs, it is possible to enjoy all the efficiency, luxury and comfort of a private flight, at much lower cost.

Private jet charter companies, often having to return to base without passengers, can offer a one-way trip at cut-price rates. They get to make extra money out of a one-way trip, and you, the consumer, get to experience a cut-price luxury experience. It is a win-win situation.

Chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 75% on your private flight price!

Empty leg flights are seen as great alternatives, provided that the opportunity presents itself. As a passenger, you won’t have to worry about tight schedules; plus, you get to enjoy all the luxury and premium perks and services that come along with private jet charter, at a much lower cost.

A Private Jet Charter is a Hygienic Solution

While private jet rental is often associated with opulence, luxury comfort, and gourmet food, one of its main benefits also include two highly sought-after commodities that cannot be quantified: health and safety.

Almost half of the surfaces on commercial planes contain bacteria, yeast or mould that could jeopardize your health, and/or put you at risk of infection. Private jet rental involves disinfecting the cabin before every flight. 

More importantly, unlike commercial jets, the manifest for the flight is set up by you: the client! As a passenger you have total control over the flight’s destination and who you fly with. Needless to say, you will choose people that value their health and personal hygiene.

In other words, this form of transportation is cleaner, and a more hygienic alternative to commercial flight.

Private Jet Rental Saves you (A Lot) of Time

Passengers on commercial flights can spend approximately 90 minutes at airports for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights.

Charter jet rental removes all that lengthy waiting time. Passengers can opt to arrive at the terminal barely 15 minutes before departure, and complete all the necessary travel procedures such as immigration, VISA regulation, and customs control.

If you are a businessman, or a top-level executive in a corporation, business jet rental enables you to maximize your time onboard by going through key objectives, and ensuring that you stay on top of your business.

Since time is money, private jet rental provides the flexibility to fly according to your own schedule. If you are a business executive, you may find yourself constantly on the go and needing to fly on a short notice.

The agility that comes with private jet rental thus translates to becoming a time-effective solution.

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