Pros and Cons of Private Jet Charter

Broadly known to be used for business travel, private jet charter has become a favored choice for weekend getaways as well as family holidays. Private jet charter rental has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike scheduled flights, private charters mainly take place outside standard schedules. Alternatively, travelers can charter an entire jet for fellowship, or even a single person. Like all methods of transportations, there are benefits and risks associated with booking a private jet. It is essential to weigh both pros and cons before you decide on taking the next step.

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What are private jet charters?

Private jet charters’ service grants private jets for both business and leisure motives. Further, charter flight is not scheduled by airlines. You determine flight times and destinations. Simply put, private jet charter can be said to be ultimately yours. Why settle for being a passenger when you can choose your own course throughout the skies?

Pros of private jet charters

Private jet charters’ service grants private jets for both business and leisure motives. Further, charter flight is not scheduled by airlines. You determine flight times and destinations. Simply put, private jet charter can be said to be ultimately yours. Why settle for being a passenger when you can choose your own course throughout the skies?

The epitome of luxury and comfort:

Private jet charter is known for its magnificent grandness. Options such as Wi-Fi, bedrooms, cushioned seats, customized catering, flight attendant, TV, etc are some of the premier amenities which are not available with commercial flights. Private jets accommodate a memorable experience to their valued customers. Private jet agents are dedicated to passenger needs, such as food preferences, schedule inclination, personalized interiors, along deluxe seats to ensure a world-class flying adventure. You can even fly with your pets! Substantially, safety is a priority of aircraft companies.


Create your own schedule and private jet companies will find private charter to suit your requirements. Private jets have the flexibility to land in smaller regions which are usually not accessible to commercial flights, giving passengers land closer to their destination, hence saving time traveling. Most private jets have accessibility to several remote locations which are unavailable for commercial flights. All you have to do is determine your destination and the airport location where you need to land. Charter jets provide you with the convenience of time because you decide your departure time. The schedule is yours to apply.


Global Coverage:

A common misconception, that private jet charters cannot travel globally. They sure can! Regardless of where you want to fly to or from, aircraft companies can make it happen, on a global scale.

Outstanding Attainability:

 Renting charter jets, you avoid the tedious procedure of check-ins and checkouts requirements. The former grants you privilege of supreme convenience flying, away from the hustle and bustle of commercial planes. Avoid queues and delays. If you want to escape overcrowded airports, seek private jets; security checks, clearance before boarding, hours in advance to check-in your luggage, and undergo complicated security checks are dreary procedures. Nevertheless, chartering a private jet frees you hassle-free ventures. You practically have a private airport with no requirements and energy-draining procedures. Not to mention, upon landing and waiting at baggage claim or struggling to grab a cab to your hotel or meeting, etc. If you’re traveling for work, this can be a massive waste of precious time that could be used to conduct business or even get a shut-eye, especially if you’re jet-lagged. Charter flights are usually direct. That’s the beauty of it.

Cost efficiency:

Yet another misconception that only the rich can afford a private jet charter. There are a plethora of private jet charter companies, with access to thousands of aircraft, of various types. You can always seek a reputable company that gives you a decent offer. Of course, it all depends on your requirements.

Private Account Manager:

 A decent private jet company will have a diligent and committed charter expert, available 24/7 assisting you with any inquiry you may have. For example, arranging in-flight catering or determining last minute changes regarding your charter. He should manage it all.


Cons of private jet charters

Prone to weather delays:

Private jets are customarily smaller than commercial aircraft, making them easily affected by weather. Larger airplanes can fly through storms. On the other hand, smaller jets cannot take the chance, meaning private flights will be delayed. Additionally, smaller planes feel more turbulent, and therefore landing would be much more sensible. Schedules are subject to wait until the departure date.

Payments and refunds:

Payments for charter flights are usually in advance; some take a deposit, but it’s still a good deal amount of money. This means that you are financially compelled to follow their rules. Otherwise, you are disabled to hire their services.
Charters have strict cancellation policies. Passengers usually have to pay a cancellation penalty and are likely not entitled to a refund. Nevertheless, some charter companies allow a substitute traveler to fly in place of the ticketed passenger for a small penalty fee. However, if a traveler misses the flight, s/he will not be entitled to take the next flight. Most charter flights utilize a use-it-or-lose-it policy.


Charter flight may be applicable to some, but not all. Keep in mind, to avoid any disparity or issues regarding the service you have chosen from your private jet company, you always need to do some digging. First, a background check. Make sure that your private jet charter is duly accredited and recognized by FAA or any other aviation authority. Briefly, watch where your money goes, provision and security must be observed, always.


Environmental issues:

Report revealed that private jet travel in the U.K. alone contributes to approximately one million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, according to the Evening Standard. That’s about the same amount that a total of 450,000 cars would create in that same amount of time.” They also stated that private jet travelers account for 10 times as many greenhouse gas emissions as a commercial traveler. Therefore 150 times more than train passengers. Ergo, CommonWealth is pursuing to ban private jet charters across UK by 2025. Since the Royal Family uses private jets extensively, not to mention politicians and celebrities, it would be hard to carry on with the process. Let’s hope, with the environmental implications of the ongoing pandemic, travelers will reconsider the environmental impact of private jets, before signing up for the program. Most likely, it will most probably be overlooked.


Individuals who would like to have utmost privilege and the merits of flying, they would typically pick a private jet charter instead of usual airline flights. Primarily, private jets allude to those flights that deviate from the normal course of flight activities and hideous schedules. Implicating that with charter flights, you can determine time, date, and location as per your convenience; it delivers prudence to passengers whose pursuits entail persistent flying, often taking place out of typical flight schedules.
If privacy and customization matter for you, our private jet charter company is an irrefutable option. Examining private jet charters’ pros and cons, the former outweighs the latter, making private jets preferred expediency.

Scheduled flights have become an errand to endure, with delays and crowds robbing you of control and much time solicited. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Flying with Globini is a breath of fresh air. You are in charge of your private jet charter flight-our schedule works around you. Fly from your choice of airfield, perhaps only minutes away from your home or office. Arrive at a destination close to where you should be, cutting ground transportation to a minimum. Once your meeting is done, your private jet will be awaiting. In case things turn over, that’s no problem. We are at your service. Whether you fly sporadically or frequently, alone or with a group, our refined team will look after your every need. Contact us today to discuss your various possibilities.

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