Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is not a dramatization at all to declare that travel industry has changed, perhaps forever.
Private jet rental business has not been reserved either and also had the obligation to adjust things from the way they were before 2020.
At the beginning of the pandemic, individuals adhered to social distancing and the whole coronavirus procedures, let alone travelers.
People were stuck either in their own countries or in foreign ones. For a long while, this disaster has affected private jet rental in the Middle East. Whether it’s Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, or even Istanbul.
Jet rental companies, along with many industries, were crippled due to the disaster our world is suffering from.
Along came the economic crisis, which has also affected private jet rental companies. Nonetheless, a slimmer of hope glimmered on private jet rental companies when, during the pandemic, a lot of individuals have had it with the lockdown. Some could not postpone their business much longer, others need to transport their elderly family who is at high risk. Or simply – usually the more fortunate who need a breath of fresh air and indulgence, in another exotic country, even if for a short while.
At that very moment, the rise of private jet rental has begun to gradually upsurge.

“With professionalism, awareness, always going above and beyond regarding safety standards and customer-centric culture, private aviation can continue having a key role throughout challenging times. Private aviation has been a solution for many humanitarian disasters, and Covid-19 will not be an exception to that. The private aviation industry is committed to providing a safe travel experience while eliminating the risk factors involved… Overall, it is a safer approach tailored to the needs of passengers worldwide”, concludes Ryan DeBruyne of Mercury Jets.
Do you agree?

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Reasons why private jet rental resurfaced

To begin with, the process happened almost overnight. People resumed with jet rental, whether first-time fliers or not. People had to adapt to an entirely new environment, the new normal. Private jet rental companies have seen a rise in demand.
Here are some reasons why private jet rental companies resurfaced during the pandemic.

The fear of flying public is where private jet rental came in

As the pandemic started to become the new normal and most industries opened and resumed their daily work, whether working from home or office, so did the demand for private jets. Passengers needed reliable sources to travel from point A to point B.
If one decides to travel via a regular flight, regardless of the reason, security hassles are just dreadful, paperwork, check-in procedures, people cramped, overcrowded all around you. The panic rises, with respect to coronavirus in spite of the masks and social distancing. One cannot help but stress about all that. Instead of all that tedious and exasperating experience, passengers opt to change plans and employ a private plane rental company.

Safety and comfort in private jet rental

All of our private jet rentals consent to regulatory requirements, and offer our utmost for onboard amenities and luxuries, conveying our steadfast commitment to both safety and comfort. During the pandemic, rich individuals got richer, thus wealthy passengers can pick any jet rental desired to fly to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Istanbul; we have various private jet rental, with different private jet rental costs that will suit travelers’ needs. Some of our clients fly on a private jet rental on a regular basis, and there are others who book once or twice a year. Safety and comfort, always come first. Further, even pre-pandemic jet rental travel had been valued for the privacy and luxury it offered; travelers also chose a jet rental to avoid crowded airports and discomfort.
In a world where social distancing and masks have become the norm for many, private jet charter seems to offer a less traumatic way to travel by the right private jet rental price.

Jet rental for business

How long have businessmen postponed real-time meetings and probably lost deals and money due to the coronavirus? True, Zoom did help, but to what extent? Many business owners are furious and anxious, thus they have returned to their beloved private jet rental. The economic crisis in the Middle East is a catastrophe and some grave matters cannot be simply solved via online meetings. Globini can arrange a flight on the spot and get the passenger to his/her destination in one day. This saves both money and time. The best part is, when the meeting is done, you will have your private plane rental waiting for you. Door to door. Thus, a rise in chartered flight.

Private jet rental for the sick and the elderly

Sometimes you have to take a risk to get a loved one who is sick or old out of this madness. Airports will cause more harm. Such caregivers or family members resort to private jet rental. Whether to transport them to a decent hospital somewhere else in the Middle East or to take them home to their families. These cases are many. Usually, wealthier families go on such endeavors.

Private jet rental for the vaccinated

The vaccine has finally reached the Middle East. Some countries, such as Dubai, forbid individuals to travel unless they have been vaccinated. In other countries in the Middle East, it is not mandatory. Even though thousands of people are still waiting for their turn to get vaccinated, this has driven many people to demand jet rental.

Some passengers travel for vacations, others for a stress-free business trip, come back to their country, or even students who study abroad. It is a fact that a regular Middle Eastern businessman can be richer than a Canadian, per se. That’s why private jet cost is no problem for people in the Middle East. They do not have to be celebrities to fly private jets.
The rise of the vaccine made their lives even easier.

Revitalizing private jet rental business

Jet rental businesses have different private jet rental price, just like different cars have different prices, regarding their options and add-ons.
That being said, private plane rental is time-efficient. It is private and luxurious. Of course the higher the private jet rental cost, the more luxurious options will be added. As well as number of passengers. It is safe. Personalized upon your schedule, therefore no time restrictions or tedious errands. Even if you’re running late, your private jet rental will wait for you.
Take Dubai, for example; it has been the preferred destination for tourists, and UAE ranking amongst top countries in the world in efficiently handling COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention that it is a country where rich individuals reside. Ergo they turn to private jet rental companies.
Another reason which helped spike up the jet rental industry is the hygiene issues which are clearly easier to control when flying private

The private jet rental market in the Middle East has indeed been significantly damaged due to the combination of global economic crisis, political shocks, and last but not least, the COVID-19 pandemic. Aviation industry, therefore, became almost non-existent.
All that had given rise to private jet rental companies and private jet rental cost to all those who wished to travel privately. It ensures avoidance of social distancing, thus the epitome of privacy. We can deduce that the pandemic has actually aided jet rental companies, in spite of its first wave.
Yet it picked up from where it was and the damage caused a much smaller disruption on private plane rental.
Would you rather fly commercially or privately? Contact us today, for more information about our luxuries sky-rides!

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