Business Jet Charter

Why Us

Founded in 2000 by Capt. Imad Hasbini, Globini Aviation has been providing private jet services for over 2 decades. Having served many clients, Globini Aviation remains the go-to choice for VIPs in the Middle East. 

Types of Aircrafts

Super-Light Jets

Super-light jets can have the same passenger capacity, they offer larger accommodations and a more spacious alternative than their light counterparts. They constitute a step up from the light jets in terms of range, size and comfort.

Light Jets

Light jets are one of the most common types of private aircraft chartered for business flights. Most clients chartering light jets have an average travel time of 2-3 hours. Consequently, light jet charters perhaps constitute the most reasonable short-haul solution.

Mid-Size Jets

Mid-Size Jets of jets offer a great balance of efficiency, comfort and performance for medium-length flights, have a bigger range and fly faster than the two aforementioned types. 

Super Midsize Jets

Super-midsize jets boast superior range and size than all previously mentioned jet types. Additionally, they offer an enticing middle ground between midsize and large jets. 

Large Jets

Large jets are actually opting for the most comfortable executive aircraft available for long-range flights, because of one key reason: despite the fact that they are large, they are still compact enough to land on small airports that cannot be accessed by commercial aircrafts. 

Ultra-Long-Range Jets

Ultra-long-range jets can carry almost twenty passengers, offer an enhanced experience, and provide increased safety, comfort and luxury.